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Spray Foam Art LLC is local ,family owned business serving CT and NY since 2011. Fully licensed, insured and certified by Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance Professional Certification Program.

We do open / closed cell spray foam, fiberglass and blown in cellulose. Commercial and residential, new construction and remodeling.

We use only high quality materials for our installation projects and focus on providing the highest level of service for a very affordable price.

There is allays a project manager at the job site all day long from start to finish, to guarantee that job will be done perfectly to meet the code , with no defects and within set timeframes.

Attic insulation
Home without proper attic insulation is loosing 30% of the air. Spray foam insulation is the perfect solution of this problem because it seals the attic area completely helping reduce air loss and helping HVIC unit (if any) to work less. By adding spray foam insulation to your attic you are not just saving on your energy bill, but also protecting your home from vermin invasions, reducing possible ice dams and pipe freezing.

Wall Insulations

Choosing to insulate your home's walls with spray foam insulation will give you the instant assurance that your walls will have the most efficient insulating abilities possible.When building a new home or adding on an addition there is no comparison when it comes to the best choice for insulation: spray foam.

Spray foam's ability to provide a complete, seamless fill to each stud cavity will prevent costly air loss and block the exterior transfer of hot/cold air through the walls.

Insulating Basements
Make you basement comfortable and healthy living space for your family by insulating with closed cell spray foam. An application of two inches of closed cell spray foam insulation to your basement walls will provide a seamless, moisture resistant barrier that will protect your home from moisture penetration and help to prevent mold and mildew growth.