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SFA Insulation is a regional expert in the installation of Closed-Cell and Open-Cell Polyurethane spray foam insulation. We work in both residential and commercial markets. When we come to your home or business we do not just show up and begin spraying our products. At SFA insulation, we do the following:

First we will review the building structure to identify air infiltration points and to prep for access those areas typically not reachable (an example of this can sometimes be found where two walls meet. On occasion, builders will leave a void in the corner that can allow air to transit from the outside directly to the inside, bypassing the insulation in the wall cavities)

We will also begin prepping for our primary spraying by sealing all cracks and joints around windows, doors, and sill plates with low expansion foam and caulk;

We will prep all windows, doors or other valuable items by covering them with plastic and tape to ensure that they are not damaged by overspray;

When the installation is complete, we will remove all debris as well as plastic and tape from windows, doors and valuables leaving the site cleaner than when we arrived.

Attic insulation

Knowing that 65% of attics in the country are without insulation and that up to 30% of your home's air is lost through the attic provides many home owners with a problem.Spray foam insulation are the perfect solution to those problems facing home owners. No matter what type of attic,vented or unvented, or where,rafters, or joists, you need insulation our spray foam products will provide the perfect seal every time.

Wall Insulations

Choosing to insulate your home's walls with spray foam insulation will give you the instant assurance that your walls will have the most efficient insulating abilities possible.When building a new home or adding on an addition there is no comparison when it comes to the best choice for insulation:

Overnight energy savings of approximately 50% or more
Increased resale value
A lifetime of healthy, clean living

Spray foam's ability to provide a complete, seamless fill to each stud cavity will prevent costly air loss and block the exterior transfer of hot/cold air through the walls.

Insulating Basements

The nature of closed-cell spray foam makes it a multi-functional solution to many of the problems that you might face in your home's basement. Too often basements are pt of home that do not get utilized in fashion that they could be cause of reasons such as:

Moisture problems
Cold temperatures
Air quality and mold concerns

With application closed-cell spray foam your concerns and troubles can be eradicated, resulting in your basement becoming a comfortable, healthy living space for your family. An application of two inches of closed cell will provide a seamless, water-tight barrier removing all concerns of water leaks and/or flooding. The same two inches of closed - cell spray foam insulation also provides the space with the most efficient levels of insulation possible as well as preventing the potential of any harmful air reaching your interior living space.